Homes in the Hamptons

Nancy Shevell's home in the Hamptons

Paul's home in the Hamptons

The McCartneys and the Blakemans knew each other as neighbors for years  as they summered in the Hamptons.
Nancy was friendly with Linda, and Linda’s kids referred to Nancy as Jackie O because she always looked so glamorous to them.
Apparently, when Paul was dating Heather, he introduced her to Nancy. Heather was rude to Nancy, and Nancy advised Paul against marrying her- which caused a rift in the friendship between Paul and Nancy.
However, they ran into each other again at a party as Paul was going through his divorce with Heather, and started to quietly spend time with each other.

Nancy's second cousin, Barbara Walters, has claimed in interviews that she threw Paul and Nancy together at dinner parties hoping they would get together- guess her plan worked!

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