Nancy's Life before Paul

Nancy Shevell

Bruce Blakeman

Nancy Shevell met her husband Bruce Blakeman while attending Arizona State College. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Transportation. Bruce Blakeman studied law, and became a partner in his family’s law firm, later going into politics and becoming head of the Naussau County Legislature in 1995.
They married in 1984, 6 months after becoming engaged,  and remained married for 23 years. They had one son, Arlen, who was born in 1992.
They owned a townhouse in Woodmere, L.I., an apartment on the upper East Side and the house in  East Hampton.
Nancy developed breast cancer in 1996- since then she has supported Hewlett House, a breast cancer support center.
Nancy and Bruce separated amicably in 2007. Arlen lived with his dad.
oh yeah, and Nancy is Barbara Walters 2nd cousin!
Nancy with son Arlen
 ”When contacted about Ms. Shevell’s wedding plans, he ( former husband Bruce Blakeman) was gracious. “I wish Nancy and Paul well, and that’s it. Nancy’s a great mother, and Paul treats my son very nicely.”

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