The Honeymoon

Friday October 14.  2011

On Friday, Paul and Nancy left for a 4 day honeymoon at Mick Jagger's estate  "Stargroves", on the island of Mustique.
The Japanese styled beachfront property  is on L'Ansecoy Bay, and has 6 bedrooms including a hot tub in the master bedroom, game room, 25 ft swimming pool,  tennis courts, and a Koi pond.

The secluded island has only 63 villas, and no one is allowed on the island without permission from one of the owners of the villas.

Mick Jagger normally rents out his property for  £10,000 a week, but the renter must be approved in advance.

Paul is said to be a frequent visitor to Mustique.

 According to an interview by CTV, Basil Charles, the proprietor of Mustique’s famous Basil’s Bar, said of the island’s new guests; “I’ve not seen Sir Paul yet but he’s been in a few times in the past. Everyone would love to see him and Nancy and raise a glass to the happy couple. I met them in February the last time they were here and they seemed so happy together.”

Basil's Bar
Happily for the honeymooners, there are no paparrazzi on the island, thus no photos!

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