Paul and Nancy at the Grammys

February 12, 2012

Paul and Nancy attended the Grammys on Sunday night where Paul received a standing ovation for his heartfelt performance of My Valentine and closed the show with a rocking Abbey Road Medley, capped by a guitar jam with Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh, David Grohl, and Macca's fellow bandmembers Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray.

There was no sign of them on the red carpet, but here they are arriving at the event, looking quite nice.

Paul and Nancy chatted  with Chris Martin before taking their seats in the front row.

They rocked out to Bruce Springsteen~

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Stevie Wonder came out on stage, and started playing Love Me Do on harmonica- as the crowd started to sing along, he introduced Paul McCartney!

The lights went up to reveal Paul McCartney,  elegantly attired in a white tux, sitting on a stool sans guitar, surrounded by a full orchestra. 
He sang  his new song, "My Valentine",  accompanied by Diana Krall on piano, Joe Walsh on guitar, and the orchestra. 
It was a flawless performance, just gorgeous, and Paul finished to a standing ovation.

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After his performance,  Paul joined Nancy back in the audience, and joined her in a little kiss.

They enjoyed the rest of the show, dancing, applauding, and having a good time with friends Joe and Marjorie Walsh.

Then Paul and his band closed the show with the classic Abbey Road Medley of Golden Slumbers, Carry that Weight, and The End. Everyone was on their feet , rocking along with Paul. During The End, Paul and band were joined onstage by Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh , and David Grohl for an amazingly energetic guitar frenzy . Those guys are having way too much fun up there!!!
What a way to close the show!!!  Paul is still THE MAN!!!!!  Or as LL Cool J shouted out at the beginning of the show, Paul is O.G.!!  ( Original Gangsta!!)

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Following their closing performance at Sunday night's  Grammy Awards, Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen made their way to the Foo Fighters' after-party at Fig & Olive Melrose Place. No sooner did they get there than Johnny Depp arrived and grabbed a glass of wine and a seat in the lounge, cordially greeting friends and fans. 

At one point, McCartney approached Depp and mimicked his signature Pirates of the CaribbeanCaptain Jack Sparrow walk – which resulted in lots of laughter. Depp then joined the former Beatle and his wife for dinner; McCartney, a vegetarian, stuck to dishes like the spaghetti Mediterraneano and vegetarian paella. By the end of the evening, fast friends McCartney, Springsteen and Depp were seen discussing the night's big awards and all the winners. 
– Jessica Wedemeyer 

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Johnny Depp leaving the party

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