Nancy Shevell Resigns from MTA board

January 25,  2012

Photo from previous board meeting

Three months after her marriage to Paul McCartney,  Nancy Shevell resigned her position as a  board member on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of NY.
Nancy had been appointed to the board by then- Governor Pataki in 2001.
Her term expired in 2010, but she was staying on until Governor Cuomo appointed her replacement.

Nancy chats with fellow board members after her resignation

Mark Lebow, who chaired the meeting at which Nancy resigned, spoke of her relationship with Paul, and how it reflected on the board. 

"About 7 months ago, Nancy announced that she was engaged to be married to umm...uhhh...oh yes, Paul McCartney! News of this event appeared in every newspaper, every radio station, every tv station, in every city, town, and hamlet on the planet. And the same thing happened when she became Lady McCartney...Paul was accurately described as the world's greatest living performing artist, and Nancy was described as an 'MTA Board Member'.
As you ascended into stardom, a little bit of your stardust sort of fell off on us,
I don't know about the rest of you, but people would come to me on the street who I never saw before in my life and would say, 'Are you on the same board as Nancy? What is she like?'”

Nancy spoke for about 3 minutes about her time on the Board and what it meant to her.

"In my 30-year professional career, this has been a highlight for me...Thank you so much. I am so very emotional and sad right now"   said Nancy. 

She gave no reason for her resignation, but of course we all know it is because she is now MRS. Paul McCartney!!! Let's see, spend time sitting around in boring board meetings, or hang out with Paul?
I say she made the right choice!!

Click Here  for video of Nancy's resignation speech- she speaks from  3:58 - 6:30, but keep on watching , because they say some very nice things about her, and even poke a little fun at her and Paul.

NY Daily News  article and short video of Nancy's resignation.

You can read the NYT article  here .

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