Turning on the Lights at Stella's Shop

November 29, 2011


Paul and Nancy, looking fabulous as usual, turned up at  daughter Stella's annual Turning on the Lights party at her Bruton St shop.
The party was well attended by Stella's celebrity friends and their children.

One guest overheard Stella saying to her dad, " I didn't expect to see you here!"  To which he replied, " I come to all your events!"  And indeed he does- such a proud dad!

As reported in the  Grazia Daily , Jennifer Saunders , as her Absolutely Fabulous character  Edina Monsoon, 
prior to turning on the store lights hilariously roasted many of the guests, including Paul McCartney,  saying the last time she saw Paul  was ‘in a cupboard in Berlin in the Sixties',

Read the story in the Daily Mail  and in the Telegraph UK .

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